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Stupid Model Things I did #2 ………. Horror at Space Mountain


This time I was on a trip to Florida for a very dorky Dutch catalog of which evidence can be found here:

Scan 40

Booked by my favorite Dutch photographer, Boudewijn Notenboom, who took us to DisneyWorld for a last day surprise. On the way we passed a small plane that had landed on the Florida Turnpike – an auspicious start to our day


I’d seen Bambi and Snowwhite, but I’d never heard of DisneyWorld and had no expectations of what was to come…


This was apparent in my choice of top that day – a hot new design called

 the Boob Tube

   Scan 1 - Version 2

the basic design

and on the body

Scan 1

First we explored the world of Disney, where we were accosted by Mini, Goofy and Pluto and Boudewijn took polaroids, we walked the main street with endless shops that sold nothing I wanted, and visited the castle, which was merely a plastic facade. After all this disappointment Space Mountain sounded exciting and I followed the others onto the ride

Scan 37

I’d never been on a rollercoaster

I didn’t even know they existed

so I had no idea what was gonna happen, as my cart climbed and climbed and climbed

and then…

Scan 3

and then…

Scan 4

feeling sick, dizzy and relieved it was all over

I exited the mountain

Scan 5

where I was greeted by thunderous applause and laughter

Scan 6

I looked down

Scan 7 - Version 2


Scan 7

… lived traumatized ever after.

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