The Stupidest Model Things I Ever Did #1

I’d been booked for my first trip. Like ever. Shooting bikinis in the Bahamas.

Scan 29

I was sixteen and  had barely done any modeling.

Scan 31

It seemed I had to do something special to deserve this job. Like something really modelish. So I shaved all my body hair. It wasn’t even like I was that hairy…

Scan 28

It felt really good, right after, like my skin was so smooth, so perfectly soft to the touch…

Scan 28 - Version 2

I thought I would look perfect for swimwear.

On the plane my skin was still smooth. At first…

Scan 32

But after 4 hours in the air the stylist (she sat next to me) casually brushed her hand across my arm and pulled back in shock.

“You feel like a cactus,” she said, “what did you do?”

Scan 36

“I shaved.”

Scan 35


“Because I thought I was supposed to.”

“Oh my God it will grow back, like thick and black,” she said. “Like a man’s beard!”

Scan 34

“Oh my God,” I said, “you think so?”

Scan 32 - Version 2

“Of course,” she said, “you’ll end up looking like a monkey…”


But I don’t think I did…


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